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How To Optimize Productivity Using an Attorney Services Company

How productive is your law office? How productive are you? We all want to be more productive, but how practical is that when you have so much to do? You may be able to free up some of your time via an attorney services company. But to benefit from the latter to create the [...]

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Tips for Dealing with Last Minute Attorneys

You know it: Everything in the attorney's office is dire and must be done ASAP. But you are organized, you are proactive, and you prioritize — so you think you can handle just about anything. Until it happens: that last-minute request by the attorney. It could be the ping of an incoming email or the [...]

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We’re Live in LA Superior Court

Need to efile a document in LA Superior court? We're now an approved vendor in LA and we've got you covered across the state and nation for other courts! File directly into nearly all electronic courts in California through our new portal for only $3.95 (through January) File Now If you need a little help [...]

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LA Superior Case numbers

LOS ANGELES COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT CASE NUMBER Please be advised the Los Angeles County Superior Court clerk's office is now using a different case number schematic system using the court's location along with the type of litigation. Case numbers will now include the year, location, litigation type and case sequence number Here is a reference [...]

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