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We offer a full-service collection support department that handles a high volume of files from start to finish. We offer online order tracking to ensure efficiency and transparency. Our ability to interface directly with client platforms is especially beneficial to high volume firms. Our services range from initiation to post judgment, covering all stages of the collection litigation process.

  • Court Filing: Utilizing our national network of court messengers we will deliver or e-File your documents in any court in the United States within your deadline.

  • Service of Process: With the expertise of our national and international network of process servers, we will professionally execute your service requests where ever and whenever you need.

  • Bundled Filing & Service: For high volume work, we offer bundle rates to file and serve your summons and complaint.

  • Post judgment actions: We provide support for post judgment actions such as writs of execution, writs of attachment, bank levies, and wage garnishments, ensuring that these processes are carefully executed from start to finish.


I have no complaints and totally appreciate all of your good work. Jeff Oberlink is always a great help to me.


Nationwide has been effective and prompt with all the tasks I have sent them. I have no complaints, and hope I never will.


It’s been awesome. I just said yesterday I can’t believe how fast Nationwide gets all these people served. It is insane!


OUTSTANDING work all around, Team Nationwide! You’ve helped us make our client happy!


I have tried all top attorney services and Nationwide is by far the best! They are super dependable.