We have been filing important documents for our customers for over a decade.  In doing so, we’ve learned the courts inside and out and have become masters of the trade of filing documents.  Today, we are focusing on connecting into as many electronic court systems as possible to help our customers save time and money.   That means you can eFile and physically file with ease.  Soon you will be able to file documents on your own into dozens of courts electronically through our systems and If you prefer a hands(and stress)-free solution, let our expert concierge team handle all your filings for you.

Court Filing for all courts is currently available through our hands-free concierge service.  Our self-service portal is available for most courts in California, with service for courts in Texas, Illinois, and Indiana coming soon.

California Self Service eFiling

  • Available in all California efiling courts (for San Diego, use concierge). *$9.95 for law firms that need fees advanced on your behalf.

Hands Free Concierge eFiling

  • Filing a doc in an eFiling court in CA? Let us handle your eFiling. We advance fees on your behalf and check for accuracy. We also can file your docs in any court in the US through our concierge team (pricing varies).