Our Subpoena Solutions team handles all on and off-site subpoena photocopy needs with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that every assignment is carefully checked for legibility and sequencing.  The integrity of the original document is maintained while ensuring all deadlines are met.

Subpoena Solutions services include: medical, business, and legal records copying, production by subpoena or authorization, deposition officer capabilities, on and off-site high-volume document production, scanning and imaging, oversize exhibit boards, cd conversion, mobile copy, video and audio tape duplication, color copying, binding services, and paper-to-paper copying.

Online Document Repository

Our highly secure Online Document Repository allows for increased efficiency and represents a source of competitive advantage, particularly in the data-intensive legal field.

Documents are scanned and stored online and offsite, and the integrity of the materials is guaranteed. Our Online Document Repository provides powerful searching, tagging, sorting, grouping, and annotating of files and images, which enables easy navigation and organization of the data. Documents uploaded to our repository are immediately available to any authorized party with access to the internet, whether at home, on the road, or at the office.