Electronic filing has been expanding across the US over the last decade and it’s becoming ubiquitous as courts realize how much they can save.  Our goal is to pass those time and cost savings along to our customers.   For customers filing into most California courts, you can electronically file through our self-service portal below or you can try out our hands-free concierge service and allow our expert team to handle it all for you.  When you use our concierge service, we front all costs on your behalf, giving you one more reason to rest easy.

Self Service eFiling

$395 Self Service eFiling only
  • Available in Tyler courts in CA (for court fee advancement, use Concierge).


$30Hands Free Concierge eFiling
  • Filing a doc in an eFiling court in CA? Let us handle your eFiling for you. We advance fees on your behalf and check for accuracy. We also can file your docs in any court in the US through our concierge team (pricing varies).

Click here for Orange County efiling