How productive is your law office? How productive are you? We all want to be more productive, but how practical is that when you have so much to do?

You may be able to free up some of your time via an attorney services company. But to benefit from the latter to create the former, you need to be strategic. That means identifying the key challenges your law firm faces and aligning that with services provided by a respected third-party vendor. Here’s how to leverage an attorney services company for maximum productivity.

What Are Common Challenges in Your Law Office?

You need to identify the challenges you face at work because therein lies the inhibitors of productivity. To give you an idea of what some of those challenges may be, below are a few examples.

  • Time pressure. Even when there isn’t a deadline, there still feels like there’s one. Cases and pleadings and research are in constant competition for your attention.
  • High stress. The stress of the law office is not the same stress accompanied by deadlines that many offices other than ones of a legal nature face. The work you do is fundamental to the success of the case. One mistake can be the end of it, and clients are paying good money trusting you won’t make a mistake.
  • Limited technology. We live in an age when all things are all things technological. Technology has made us more productive, but it’s also expensive.
  • Routine tasks. Daily tasks include tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks that must be done, if not by someone else, then by you.
  • Long hours, yet short days. Even if you get only 8 hours in, those are 8 long hours, super-long hours, and yet the day is over before you could finish everything.

The foundation of these challenges is the nature of the industry: law. It is stressful. The stakes are high. Deadlines are unforgivable. You must constantly be on top of things. Taking the time to assess your specific challenges is key to understanding where and how weaknesses in productivity exist and how they are affecting performance. From this knowledge, you can determine if an attorney services company can help you improve office productivity.

Can You Leverage an Attorney Services Company to Improve Your Law Office Productivity?

Before confirming whether an attorney services company can help your law office address its unique challenges to perform better, it’s important to understand what an attorney services company is. Basically, it’s a company that offers services to assist the operations of a law office.

Common attorney services include:

  • E-filing
  • Court filing
  • Investigations
  • Subpoenas
  • Process services
  • Messenger services
  • Collections
  • Court updates

These are all necessary but time-consuming tasks. Fortunately, they are also delegable, which means a respected attorney services company can do them.

So now: Can an attorney services company help your law office?

Imagine this: e-filing completed for you. What does that look like? What does that feel like? Scary? Sure. But helpful? Definitely.

E-filing is not rocket science. It does not take an expert, but it does take time and someone who knows the system. Having an attorney services company complete the task for you provides you with additional time to focus on the work that really matters: legal research, editing memoranda, client correspondence, or the like. Plus, if you find an attorney services company that will also review the documents and check for common errors, then that’s even better. Attorney services companies are (or are supposed to be) experts at what they do, so you can rest assured the job will get done.

Now: How does a service provided by a third-party vendor address the challenges you face in your law office?

Using the e-filing example again, here’s how:

  • It takes some time pressure off you because a professional service company now has the burden to e-file an error-free document on a timely basis.
  • It takes some stress off you because someone else is taking on some of your burdens.
  • It enables you to utilize the attorney services company’s advanced tech capabilities so you do not have to worry about going over the budget on your own tech needs.
  • It takes care of a routine task so you have more time to focus on your weightier responsibilities.

Those are the benefits of utilizing one service… imagine what incorporating more services would do for your office, for you and for overall productivity.

How Do You Start Out With an Attorney Services Company?

An attorney services company may sound great to you right about now, but don’t jump on the internet looking for a company just yet. The word budget has already been used several times, but it’s worth mentioning again. You likely have a budget that may limit your options, so you need to strategize.

  • First, review your challenges again. How do you currently deal with these challenges? How is that process working for you? How are they affecting your productivity?
  • Second, review the list of services. How long do you spend on each of those services? What would you be able to do with your time when you no longer have to worry about one or more routine tasks?
  • Third, determine what a realistic budget is. What would you pay for one of these services (keeping in mind what you would save, too)? If there’s more than one service you would want to utilize, prioritize them in case you need to narrow down your options.
  • Fourth, do your research. Find a few companies that cover your area. What do they offer? Look at reviews. How user-friendly is their website? Do they offer anything else other than services, like resources or tips of the trade?
  • Fifth, narrow your choices and call to speak with a consultant. Have your questions ready and your negotiation skills handy.

Remember: You can start small, maybe trying one service first. See how it goes. Pay attention to how you utilize the service and your time. The goal here is to optimize productivity (and keep your sanity).