Child Custody Surveillance

Do you suspect your spouse is mistreating your children or violating a court order? Have you thought of having them followed to document their criminal behavior?

Domestic Cases are always tough. Especially when children are involved.  As Private Investigators, we often have to wear many hats and act as people’s best friend, psychologist, advocate, legal advisor and shoulder to cry on.

We know you are under stress and don’t know where to turn. In these sensitive and complex cases, our team works alongside YOU and your attorney, case workers, court officials, friends, family and law enforcement to best resolve any, child custody issues, court orders violated, and child support payments owed.

Additionally, there are many aspects to these cases that you cannot and should not handle on your own.

We will begin by completing comprehensive background checks on the spouse / partner and or family members. Specifically, when investigating a parent, we look into suspect behaviors such as criminal activity, alcohol and drug abuse, association with other criminals and any other activity that could negatively affect a child or children.

Remember, all of this is documented, videotaped, and photographed to and compiled into a detailed report that is handed over to the court for evidence in YOUR favor.

At the end of the day, if you are the slightest bit concerned about your child’s safety because of neglect or an abusive environment, you should get help and people you trust on your side.

There is nothing we havent seen.  Call us Now and tell us your story.  When we put our heads together, anything is possible.