Difficult Process Service

Have you made multiple attempts to serve an individual or business a subpoena, summons, restraining order, tenant eviction, bank levy or writ?

Nationwide Legal investigation squad is second to none and has successfully served every evasive defendant or witness who are evading service. No one gets away from us.

Whether you are a high profile celebrity, rich businessman, schemer, evasive witness or domestic abuser, one thing is for sure.  We will find you.  How So?

Because we take it personal.

Each and every case that comes across our desk is uniquely analyzed to maximize the potential of serving every subject.  We begin by scouring the internet and locating the most recent photo of the subject in question.

Next, we build a complete profile of the subject’s relatives, most recent addresses and phone numbers. After that, our team will complete a site visit of the subject’s residence or business to document all the entrances, exits, security gates, parking structures and any obstacle that we may face.

All of our investigators are skilled at blending in to the environment, capable of interviewing neighbors, posing as delivery drivers, technicians, construction workers, you name it!

There is nothing we havent seen.  Call us Now and tell us your story.  When we put our heads together, anything is possible.