Out of state subpoena preparation

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Are you in need of a licensed paralegal to assist you with filing in another state, locate individuals for service of process, serve the documents, file the proofs of service and provide real-time status updates.

Nationwide Legal’s Investigation Division is a very versatile group. We have unique individuals who bring a skillset unlike any other agency out there.  As part of our hardcore investigation squad, we have a dedicated team member who handles all of your Domestication of Foreign Subpoenas and International Service of Process.

Domestication of Foreign Subpoenas

Most major litigation requires the subpoena of witnesses, documents or evidence located in more than one state.  However, out-of-state subpoenas cannot be served in California, unless they have been properly domesticated.  We are capable of handling and managing the domestication and enforcement of out-of-state subpoenas, be they for documents or for personal appearances.

We are also experts in the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA), which allows for the straightforward domestication of subpoenas from most states.  Additionally, we can handle domestication of subpoenas from non-UIDDA states, a time-consuming process that can be extremely confusing to the uninitiated.

Our foreign subpoena domestication services include:

  • Locating Individuals and businesses for service of process
  • Research and confirmation of current county and state regulations
  • Coordination with local counsel, if necessary
  • Multi-state document preparation and court filing
  • Deposition officer duties and document facilitation
  • Real-time updates


Do you need a writ specialist to assist in the service of writs of execution, notices and lien documents on financial institutions, employers and third parties who may be holding funds of your judgement debtor?

  • Nationwide Legal’s Investigation Division serves writs of execution, notices and lien documents on financial institutions, employers and third parties who may be holding funds of your judgement debtor. This procedure of private service writs and levies is unique to California.

All of our registered specialists and lien agents serve levy writs in a fraction of the time ordinarily taken by the overworked and overextended Sheriff’s Department.

We are experts in locating assets including bank accounts, investment accounts, stocks and bonds held at brokerage houses, safe deposit boxes, employment, real property, automobiles, watercraft, business ownerships and much more.

Additionally, our writ specialist team can assist with the preparation and service of the following writ instruments:

  • Bank levy against deposit, savings and investment accounts
  • Earnings withholding order (EWO)
  • Writs of Execution – real and personal property
  • Writs of Execution -receivable/till taps

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