International Service of Process

International service of process is one of Nationwide Legal’s specialties.

We have supported American and Canadian practitioners handling legal issues across national borders. We serve process in more than 150 countries, and translate documents into more than 200 languages.

Our staff attorneys are globally-recognized experts in transnational litigation, serving as advisors to the Hague Conference on Private International Law in the development of its deskbooks on the Hague Service Convention and Hague Evidence Convention.

International service of process requires significantly more time, effort and expertise than service within US and Canadian jurisdictions. Undertaking overseas service without specialized assistance is fraught with risk — often resulting in non-service, dismissal, or impossibility of enforcement once a judgment is granted.

We have particular expertise in executing judicial assistance requests seeking service of process abroad. We draft, vet and track service requests pursuant to the:

Notably, our attorneys are authorized requesting authorities under the Hague Service Convention so they may actually sign Hague Requests — no special court order is necessary. International litigation support companies who have no attorneys on staff must be commissioned by the forum court, delaying the procedure and increasing administrative costs.

Where no treaty is in effect, our attorneys draft and monitor letters rogatory, which are sent by the forum court, via diplomatic channels, to the foreign jurisdiction for assistance. We will also arrange for direct service through judicial officers in those destination states where such service is not prohibited.

And given our expertise in serving process abroad, we can also advise you on whether a defendant has been properly served. If your foreign client has been served with US process, our attorneys can offer advice on quashing service.  In complex matter such as these, leave it to the professionals.

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