Santa Clara Superior Court Notices

Update: December 1, 2020

Court Issues Order Limiting Courthouse Entry To Reduce Spread Of COVID-19

Access Permitted To Only Those Persons Required To
Appear In Person At Any Santa Clara County Superior Courthouse
Due to the dramatic rise of COVID-19 infection rates and hospitalizations in Santa Clara County, Presiding Judge Deborah A. Ryan issued an order limiting courthouse entry to only those persons required to appear in person, effective immediately.
Courthouse access is limited to:
Persons appearing in person for a court hearing. This will generally include and be limited to parties, their attorneys, witnesses subpoenaed to testify, and jurors.
Persons appearing to submit a pleading in person for filing who may enter only to place the pleading in the drop box and must leave afterward.
Persons seeking assistance with the Self-Help Center/Restraining Order Help Center for:
Pleadings related to the prevention of domestic violence, gun violence, civil harassment, elder or dependent abuse, workplace violence, school violence, and juvenile dependency restraining orders;
Pleadings requesting emergency child custody and visitation orders or child safety issues;
Pleadings requesting emergency guardianships; and
Pleadings related to evictions, restricted to emergencies.
No other persons are permitted entry without good cause, including access to the Clerk’s Offices and public restrooms. The Court will continue to be processing e-filing documents. People who are not e-filing will be allowed access to the courthouse to use the drop box as noted in the order. Access is provided to court proceedings by phone. Courtroom Public Access Telephone Lines.

Update: April 29, 2020

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Please visit the
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Santa Clara County Superior Court Video Hearings and Remote Courtroom Access During COVID-19 Pandemic
The Santa Clara County Superior Court is utilizing video technology to conduct some proceedings remotely, which allows the Court to conduct certain criminal and juvenile proceedings when they could not otherwise proceed without the parties and attorneys physically present in the courtroom. In March, the Court began conducting remote video arraignments of defendants in custody at the County Jail.
“We are looking for every opportunity to achieve some normalcy in Court proceedings for our community during these very unusual circumstances. Our Court and its judicial officers remain committed to serving our community during this pandemic,” said Presiding Judge Deborah A. Ryan. “Conducting judicial proceedings with some participants outside of the courtroom allows our Court to provide access to justice while adhering to State and local social distancing protocols.”
To facilitate public access to court proceedings without the need to enter the courthouse physically, the Court has established listen-only telephone lines to allow remote access of hearings. Public telephone lines can be accessed by visiting the Court’s website. Confidential proceedings, including certain juvenile matters, remain closed to the public.